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Still looking for that perfect weekend DIY project? Building a barn style bar in the basement? How about having a country themed wedding this year and need that perfect decoration!?

These are retired wine barrels that come straight from California and are perfect for DIY projects, wedding decor, furniture and decorations. Our Whiskey Barrels are in great condition and have a side & head bung.
Wine - $99
Whiskey - $89

Pictures give a general idea of what the barrels will look like. Inventory is constantly rotating with different looking barrels.

Our shop is located at 4700 Douglas Circle Lincoln, NE 68504 Suite 1
Mon/Wed/Fri 10-5
Saturday's 10-2


You can purchase these barrels online at and pick them up at a convenient time. Be sure to select "In-Store Pickup Only" on the checkout screen.
*Must pickup barrels during normal business hours*
*Barrels purchased online will be hand selected by MWBC staff*
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