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Hey, I'm a VOCAL PRODUCER from beautiful NASHVILLE TN, and I have decades of experience in both vocal production and harmonizing creative and magical backing vocals for every MELODIC music genre.
I'm able to enhance every song very easily with beautiful and compelling backing vocals,
and work with either the artists or the singer I hire to sing the backing vocals, to achieve the best supporting vocals that will lift your song up and make it touch way more hearts.
You can describe the feel you wanna convey with the vocals or let me create my own signature magic, and believe me, it is magic :)
I'm both very patient and very passionate about it. I love what I do and you can actually hear the passion in my work.
I believe that whatever you do with love, wholeheartedly comes out irresistible.
I'd love to contribute to your tracks and productions, either remotely (with you or with the singers I bring to the production), or with you in the studio, face to face.
For further details and samples please contact me.
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