Goats and kunekunes - $111 (Rock Port)

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If you are not willing to zoom call/facetime or send video of your farm, none of our animals will be surrendered to you. We raise them as healthy and lovingly as we can and expect them to be treated well… We’re not expecting luxury shelters, but look out for the general health and safety of animals.
We’ve solidified our goat plans, I’m going to list who’s available and why.

Moo and Cookie - great to go as a pair to be buddies. Moo is named due to his cow-like face and pink nose, he is banded. Cookie is his sister. They’ve both been handled a lot by me and my kids and have very sweet dispositions. Almost 4 months old.
They are from a set of quints, we’re keeping two of the siblings and cannot keep them all!
Their mother is a superstar mom and high milk producer. Born 01/18/2024

Eve- she is a 75/25 Nigerian dwarf/Nubian. She kidded beautiful Bucklings with a small mini Nubian Buck and needed no assistance. We’re just trying to stick with 50/50 mini Nubians from this point on our farm. Born 11/1/2022

Maizy- (and Bruce!)
She’s a beautiful, sweet, registered Purebred Nubian who is amazing on the milkstand and wonderful mother.
She gives us 1 quart and still has her buckling on her all day. We do take advantage of him still nursing to get a break from milking once a week and her supply does not go down.

We got her two years ago as a yearling for $500 and drove several hours to get her. Her value has only increased in my opinion as she’s currently in milk and has two successful twin kiddings in her history. Given the market, we’ll let her go for $500 - BUT only to a good home. With her son Bruce (75/25 Nubian/ND $650)
We’ll take video of her on the milkstand or you can come for a morning milking (which I recommend anyway so she’ll be just as good for you as she is for us).

We have two black and white kunekune guilts left from this batch. $100 each or both for $150

Call or text eight zero one 373 nine eight one zero

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