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bedel: Contract labor

We are Kansas City-based foreclosure specialist company.


We are looking for people to fill various roles for us.

If you can go to a property and document it by taking photos, that is a start.
If you can go to a property to do small job like changing door locks, that is better
If you can handle any type of repairs and work for us, that is best
And if you are willing to travel a reasonable distance to handle other jobs in the state you are my new best friend

We handle all kinds of foreclosure work all over the state of Missouri, we are currently expanding and looking to bring on all types of help. Picture takers, full crews, lawn care, basic maintenance, etc..

We will not have the same amount of work in all areas, so some of this will be hit and miss and very much part time if you are in a rural area. Other areas it will be a full-time gig.

For those interested in everything we do below is a small description

We are looking for someone who has own transportation and basic tools and basic knowledge how to use them, other items needed will be a digital camera (camera phone) computer to upload photos (not required), ability to be self-motivated (non-supervised), follow directions, and turn in Jobs on time. A background check looking for theft will be required, after the onboarding process

We will be asking to do the following .... take the correct photos, mow yards, shovel snow, change door locks, board up windows, clean out trash, roof repair, sump pump replacement, trim shrubs etc... This is a very basic job that only needs an ability to work hard and follow directions. we will train you in this industry to be successful.


Please do not ask me to call you right off the bat, I get lots of emails when we start the hiring process and I don't have time to call everyone. There will be a time when we do talk.

Please do not send me a resume, I would rather have a short bio and answers to the questions below

Please do not ask me if I am real, I am real and will reply if I believe you are a fit.

Please do your best to follow the instructions in this ad as best as possible.

Here is how our process goes.
Reply to this ad and answer the two questions below.
If we feel you are a likely fit I will reply with our pricing.
If you agree to the pricing structure, I will send you a link to a short training tool we use.
Once you get done with that I will call you and setup you in our system to begin taking orders. It is very simple.

So if you are interested, please answer the questions below and tell me anything else that might help explain your skillset.

Question #1: Do you own or have access to any of the following?
riding mower
cordless drill

Question #2 Can you perform any of the following?
Take detailed photos using an app on your smartphone
Mow yards
Shovel snow
Change door lock
Remove trash from a property (trailers full)
Install a sump pump
Perform a winterization
Fix a door jamb
Board a window
Install a handrail

Frequently asked questions
Q : How often do we pay ?
A: We pay every week. Our pay week goes form Friday to Thursday. All work orders turned in by Thursday at midnight are on that week's check. We mail checks out that Friday (unless you want to pick up). You should receive by Monday or Tuesday at the latest

Q: Do we train you in person?
A: No, we do not, we will use some online training and infield training over the phone. You will upload photos to us from site which will review to see how you did in real time. We do this on your first few jobs to make sure you understand our process.

Q: Does anyone work with you?
A: No you will work on your own, on your own schedule.

Q: Are you an employee?
A; No, you will be contract labor. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year

Q: Do we reimburse for gas?
A: we do allow a per diem on order far from where you live. We expect a 40-50 mile radius with some exceptions

I look forward to hearing from you
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