St Joseph Mayor and City Council will be voted out

Ever since this new mayor and several members of the St Joseph city council got elected they have gone off on agendas that the electorate of this city just can't get behind. They're trying social engineering that people just aren't ready for and will most likely never support.
The latest stupid idea is "Drag Queen Story Hour" at the public library. Some have raised objections on religious grounds but others, myself included, think that this whole push to indoctrinate children into the LGBTQ (abcdefg) movement is just simply wrong and damaging to young, impressionable minds. For the love of all that is sane, please let kids be kids and quit trying to make them deal with issues that are far above their age level. The same people that say this is well within their grasp would say that they aren't emotionally able to make other choices like driving a car or having a weapon or drinking. Why is it that when it comes to sex it's an "anything goes" mentality? Do a search and you will find out that more than one of these drag queens who read to children have serious legal issues like pedophilia. Nobody hates these people or if they do it's a fairly small percentage. We don't hate them but we love our children and want to protect them. Is it any wonder we have a problem with angry young men shooting up schools? We as a society have emotionally castrated them and now they're lashing out. Fuck your boyfriend for all I care. Hell, fuck your dog if that's what trips your trigger but leave my grandson or granddaughter out of it. Let them grow up and when they exhibit a desire to find out about this subject, then and only then is it time to discover. Let kids be kids.
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