favoritar anúncio Wanted Decent computers for decent prices! - $99 (st joseph mo) ocultar anúncio exibir

I receive lots of responses every single day, so many that i can not keep up with them all, I Do Not have enough time to answer my phone and do Research every single item and Reply to you. If you are serious about selling an item please try and be as direct as possible with me about the price you want and what the item is that you are trying to sell me, please include a good description, a model number if possible, photos and asking price. If the Item you are trying to sell me is not, Obviously a Good Deal I am probably not interested. I'm a running a business and so I Have to be making some Money for a purchase to be worth it for me.

Please send a text or email with photos and details about the item, if you must call please leave a message with as much information as possible about the item you have to sell and the price you would like to get out of it, Again i usually do not have time to answer the phone or get back with every one so please try and get me as much information as possible if you really want to sell your item!
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